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This is the process of removing all established toxic elements in a brownfield to levels that are not risky to human health. It is a complex and expensive process and one needs to put this into consideration before buying a brownfield site.…

Competitive Advantage

For a business to have a niche in the market place, it needs to find a sustainable competitive advantage so that it remains ahead of its rivals. One way of having a competitive advantage is by either giving your clients a better price or…

Importance of Waste Management

The importance of waste management is to reduce health, safety and economic problems that could arise from garbage that is disposed wrongly or stored in an improper way. Each and every living organism has the ability to create waste,…

Reasons for Using Timber Frames

One of the requirements being made for new buildings include reducing the amount of energy used while increasing the natural materials being used. Frames Made with Timber By making use of timber as a building material, you are contributing…

Benefits of Sustainable Construction

Sustainability carries so much weight in the construction industry. It is to ensure that the resources are being used in the most effective way, while considering the environmental impact of the materials used and the processes of…

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