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How Much Are Fly Tipping Fines


Recent strengths given to local authorities to prosecute fly-tipping
Today the Environment Minister Rory Steward said that an on-the-dot fine of £400 could be given to anyone found dumping illegal waste.

As of Monday, May 9th, local councils will be given new powers handle the problem by handing out fines that can range from £150 to £400 to anyone found illegally dumping the likes of fridges, sofas, garden debris or building waste.

The introduction of this penalty fee for culprits of fly-tipping is the newest action from the government to deal with the waste problem, which costs the taxpayer millions of pounds each year to sort out, ruins proper businesses, and has a damaging effect on the wilderness.

Rory Stewart, the Environment Minister, said:

It baffles me why anyone thinks it is normal to simply dispose of waste by the side of the road – regardless of where the location is. These new penalty fees provide local councils with an additional method of dealing with the unacceptable behaviour of those who ruin and destroy our lovely country.

The fees will act as an off put and will continuously deal with the councils to deal with the problem from the origin and alter the mind set of those who are responsible.

Whilst being an off put to those who commit this crime, the fixed fees will additionally reduce the time and money of local councils in the pursuit of prosecuting fly-tipping culprits in courts. But, official prosecutions can still be an option for any big fly-tipping offences.

The bringing in of the fixed fee penalties for fly-tipping offenders was a dedicated commitment and predates the upcoming introduction of the national waste strategy.

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