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How To Fix A Blocked Bathtub


I just finished unblocking a bathtub at my tenant’s residence and it went way easier than I thought. One of the things I enjoy most is saving cash on easy plumbing issues, such as dripping faucets, running toilets and blocked bathtubs.

Having some knowledge when it comes to plumbing is not an ability that everyone has, especially if you are concerned that you will make the issue worse that it already is.

How To Easily Unblock Your Bathtub

Some of the items that you will need include:
Needle nose pliers
Paper towels

In case you begin to smell an door coming from your bathtub drain, it means that you have a clog. The smell occurs due to hair, dead skin, oils and other items that get stuck in your drain.

However you can fix your problem without having to get in touch with a plumber or handyman.

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