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How To Report Fly Tipping In Stoke On Trent


Stoke-on-Trent City Council is being obligated to deal with the problem of fly-tipping in Stoke-on-Trent as local citizens make a stand.

The worst fly-tipping common place has been known as ST4 region, including the encircling streets of Staffordshire University like Ashford Street, Seaford Street and Beresford Street in Shelton.

The problem possible is a continuous issue for citizens in every location of Stoke-on-Trent as the rate of the occurrences increases.

Will Lither land, holder of a barbershop on Newfield Street, mentioned that litter and fly-tipping are an absolute issue in the location. There were two doors in the pathway for about two weeks and the glass became eventually smashed. Moreover, he believes that something needs to be done.

Doreen Hughes, who is 72 years old, has lived on Bond Street over 30 years and she said that she has been told that occasionally individuals will come at night and discharge trash in the pathway.

The bin-men will come and then straight after, there will be packs of food left out again.

In 2016, The Unauthorised Deposit of Waste (Fixed Fine) Regulations Act was popularized and there has been 46 fixed fine reports published by the Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

In spite of the 1,760 cases being inspected by the government, the court penalty have just added up £8,933 meaning that an additional £566,924 was spent out of the Councils financial plan to sort it out.
The regional authority’s ministry representative for greener city, growth and leisure, Councillor Anthony Munday mentioned that every individual has a responsibility of care to guarantee their waste is placed in a responsible way.

“In case any individual sees that they have additional waste which will not fit in their bin, we would suggest that they take it to their closest waste recycling centre or get in touch with the council in case they are still uncertain and we will happily be able to help.

We have an approach that is intolerable to fly-tipping and will constantly look to be taken into court wherever we can. There is no reason for fly-tipping, which is illegal and this anti-social attitude can influence every individual in streets and neighbourhood. Furthermore, it costs the council money to clean up fly-tipping, which we would more likely spend on other fields.”””

The lowest penalty for fly-tipping now stands at £150 and the highest is £400, however there may also be extra costs.

Teenager Callum Tunstall has been ordered to pay over £1,200 once he discharged six abundant black bags in the forest at Apedale Country Park, located in Knutton.

Tunstall’s fine was £550 together with £675 in costs and a £55 victim expense.

In Shelton area, fly-tipping is not the only worry with rubbish being discharged on the streets, citizens have criticised about the deficiency of recycling facilities and bins completely full and making the roads look chaotic and unpleasant.

However the chairman of Normacot Residents’ Association, Barrie Harrington, is certain that the council’s way to fly-tipping and getting rid of waste is working.

He mentioned that there have been less occurrences and the location is looking much better. Furthermore, he admits that he comprehends that it means more expenses, however it is working for the individuals in Normacot.

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