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What Do You Do To Report Fly Tipping


Fly-tipping is the criminal discharging of domestic or trade waste. It may change in size, from as small as a single bag of trash to household elements, like domestic equipments and fridges. For smaller quantities, you can report a small issue to the council.

We get rid of fly-tipping from publicly-owned property, which involves streets and lay-bys. In case the fly-tip is on private property, it is the obligation of the property owner to get rid of it.

What To Do In Case You Find Out A Fly-Tip

In case you find out fly-tipped waste do not:

Approach the individual(s) fly-tipping

Touch the trash

Ruin the area

Ignore it

Alternately, you should examine the trash and then report it, by making as much information as probable.
How To Notify Fly-Tipping
Before you begin, you will need to be aware of:

The area of the fly-tip

The kind of property it was on

The kind of trash fly-tipped

The size of the fly-tip

In case you witnessed the fly-tip, we will want to know as many information as we can. Moreover, we will ask you to provide personal details if we need any additional information, even though you can opt for staying anonymous if you wish.

What We Do

There are three essential methods that we tackle fly-tipping:

We make use of modern CCTV to get offenders

We have a group of experts who examine every situation

We have the lawful power to issue fixed fine notices to fly-tippers, which can result in prosecution

In case you have been issued with a fixed fine notice, you can pay for it on our website.

What You Can Do

There is a wide range of methods that you can assist tackle fly-tipping, which are:

Guaranteeing that any worker you employ dispose of your rubbish responsibly
Assure that all your rubbish is preserved safe until it is gathered
Questioning to see a Waste Carrier Certificate when making use of a private corporation

Questioning a private corporation where they think of taking the rubbish
Certified waste carriers may be examined at the public registers of the environment company.

Methods To Dispose Of Rubbish

There is a range of lawful methods to dispose of your rubbish. Such as:
You can create a bulky rubbish gathering for big unwanted elements
You can visit a household waste and recycling centres of your region
You can also freecycle your undesired elements or furniture

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