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What Does Fly Tipping Mean


Fly-tipping can cause harm to the health, create environmental damage, look horrendous and costs a lot of taxpayer money to sort out.

Fly-tipping, otherwise referred to as the illegal dumping o waste, is a big issue in a lot of places.

It happens in rural and urban environments and sorting it out cost Scottish local councils over £2.5 million a year. It also harms legal waste companies, where illegal players undercut those who operate within the confides of the law.

How is Fly Tipping Sorted?

Is anything being done in regards to fly-tipping?
If I have suspicions about fly-tipping, what can I do?

How is Fly Tipping Sorted?

Within Scotland, the predominant legislation about fly tipping is the Environmental Protection Act of 1990 (EPA 1990), as modified, which makes the illegal dumping of waste a crime.

Commercial rubbish removers or carriers need to apply to us to get authorisation to legally dispose of waste, which makes sure that the waste is controlled and removed in a manner that will cause as little damage as possible to the environment.

Most public residents or company waste is removed by the local council, but certain kinds of waste – like hazardous or large in quantity household objects, which consists of over half of all fly-tipping rubbish – requires social removal methods within a recycling plant or amenity place.

If you’re a commercial owner, then you must make sure that you comply with the regulations of the law – this could mean getting permit or, if your company doesn’t require one, ensure that it is notified and registered with us as such.

If you ask a commercial owner to remove the waste from your residence or company, it is wise to know if they are registered with us as a legal waste disposer. We keep track of all licensed waste removers which will help you know who is legally eligible to dispose of your rubbish.

Is Anything Being Done in Regards to Fly-tipping?

In 2004, a Scottish Fly-tipping Forum was opened up in an attempt to find an answer to the issue of fly-tipping.

The forum endorses strict ruling, however, its primary objective was to offer advice on preventing the issue.

The objective of the forum is to decrease fly tipping within Scotland by:
Assisting to reduce the extent of fly-tips throughout
Calculating the extent and price of fly tipping within Scotland
Amplifying the awareness to the overall public and companies
Offering solutions to the Scottish Government to resolve and make better the enforcement options.

Sharing the best practices and construction protocols and overall national guidelines for coping with the issue.

At the moment, the Fly tipping Forum is controlled by Zero Waste Scotland, with Keep Scotland Beautiful being the secretariat.

If I have suspicions about fly-tipping, what can I do?
If you come across someone illegally dumping waste, call the Dumb Dumpers

Stop Line on:
08452304090 or visit the website at;

If the circumstance is continuous, is thought to be hazardous to the environment or is in close proximity to water, the details will be translated to the Police Scotland as required.

If the occurance does not cause harm then the details will be passed on to the local authorities for any investigation.

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