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What Is Fly Tipping UK


Fly-tipping is the illegal action of dumping waste.

It is horrible to look at, can be dangerous, and may bring in unwanted vermin like rats and flies. Help maintain the cleanliess of our streets by:

Reporting fly-tippng incidents to be cleaned

Controling Your Waste Properly

Speaking with us if you’re able to offer a witness alibi that could help us in the prosecution of a fly-tipping offender

Report On-street Fly-tipping for Removal

You can call in on-street fly-tipping for removal online (by selecting the “Street cleansing” option and put in a space when typing in your resident postcode).

But, to report such fly-tipping incidents on streets through Council housing estates, see the information below.

Reporting fly-tipping in housing estates for removal
To make us aware of fly-tipping in Council owned housing estates for removal, and on streets running through them, send an email to:

Reporting details for legal action against fly-tippers
Obtain all information about giving a witness alibi to our enforcement workforce.

Removing Fly-tips

Small sized on-street fly-tips (usually less than 2 cubic meters) are normally sorted out automatically as part of the marked street cleaning provided services or within 24 hours of the initial report.

Bigger sized fly-tipping incidents are often cleaned within two working days (between Mon-Fri) of the initial report. However, a delay may be possible if officers are needed for further investigation.

Fly-tips which contain harmful chemicals are usually cleared quickly by a fast response service. This also includes the disposal of debris from road side accidents, deceased animals, spillages of oil and broken glass.

The Law and Fly-tipping

A penalty fine and prosecution of those caught illegally dumping waste in the streets by officers who have the power to give a £400 on the spot fine for fly-tipping offenses.

The maximum fine for fly-tipping offenses is £50,000 and or a 12 month prision sentence.

Any vehicles that are used in the action of fly-tipping may be seized and destroyed, and convicties may have to do communal service.

Discover more about fly-tipping.

Fly-tipping on Private Land

The owners of the private land are the ones responsible for cleaning up fly-tipping incidents. Private land owners who seek to removal fly-tip waste need to contact a privately owned legal waste remover or speak with us to get a quote.

Reporing fly-tipping (Put in a space when entering postcode of house).

Fly-tips on Housing Estates

Email: to report any incidents of fly-tipping in a housing estate area.

Report It App

You can now report incidents of fly-tips and graffiti by using your smarthphone with the ‘Report It’ application.

It allows you to take a photograph, check the location (which is done automatically) and privde details fo the problem. Available on:

Windows phones
Get rid of waste properly
Find out where your nearest tip is
Ask for a bulky waste removal
Get shut of garden rubbish
Commercial rubbish removal

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