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Where To Report Fly Tipping


Fly-tipping is the illegal throwing away of waste on a certain area of land that hasn’t obtained an Environment Agency permit or licence.

A £50,000 and or a 12 month prison sentence is usually the legal proceeding for anyone caught fly-tipping, they are taken to the magistrates court and prosecuted under the Section 33 of Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Home owners should try to pay attention if they are giving their waste to someone else who will then fly-tip the waste, as if they do not collaborate with the officials on the investigation, they can also be prosecuted as part of the Duty of Care requirements.

Anyone who picks up excess waste for future payment needs to register this to the Environment Agency for transportation of the waste and also needs to provide the original owner of the waste with the proper receipt for waste disposal.

We Always Aim To:

Check out all reported claims of alleged fly-tipping on public land and highways.

Prosecute those who commit such offences when possible.
Make the public aware of fly-tipping crimes to encourage them to report any further incidents.

Keep an eye on common fly-tipping grounds and properly dispose of any waste and place CCTV in those areas that are accustomed to routine fly-tipping.

Give advice to any private landowners whose land is succumb to daily fly-tipping.

What We Will Not Do:

Dispose of waster from private land unless there is an extreme situation, in which case there will be a fee for this action.

Our Aims and Response Times:

Usually, our Clean Teams can dispose of waste in 24 hours of the initial report, or up to 5 working days if the amount is large. However, in situations where a specialist Clean Team support is needed to remove such fly-tipping (chemical waste etc,) this could take a bit longer.

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