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Who Do I Report Fly Tipping To East Herts Council


The Council treats this issue very sincerely and will take anyone into court if they are caught fly-tipping rubbish. Fly-tipping is the frequent word used to define waste illegally deposited on property as detailed under section 33 of the Environment Protection Act 1990.

The definition involves elements from a single black waste bag to a variety of construction rubbish.

The fly-tipping of regulated waste is a criminal offence, which the fine is about £50,000 and/or one year of forcible detention.

If the situation is extremely serious and goes to Crown Court, an indefinite penalty can be established and the prison term can go up to five years. It is essential to know that there may be violations committed by other individuals before the fly-tip, like allowing the fly-tip or causing the fly-tip and the sanctions are the same as really doing the fly-tipping, or, in case there is automobile involved, there are violations relating to the controller of the automobile.

Any individual providing authorization for fly-tipping to happen on property, they control will be open to examination and will be taken into court.

Any individual providing rubbish to another individual for disposal without assuring a) if that individual is certified to carry rubbish, b) where the rubbish is going and later, the rubbish is fly-tipped will be open to inspection and will be taken into court for provoking the fly-tipping.

Fly-tipping is frequently related to dumping rubbish from automobiles. In this situation, the individual controlling the use of the car, usually the certified keeper, may also be taken into court. This signifies that it is probable for a prosecution to happen when just the automobile, not the driver, is traceable.

Fly-tipping Blocking The Street

In case a fly-tip is obstructing part of all of the street, then this can be stated to Hertfordshire County Council through their online Highway Faulty

Reporting Form or via phone on 0300 1234 047. Please notify East Herts

Council for any fly-tips off the street.

Avoiding Fly-Tipping

Easy steps can avoid fly-tipping.

In case you provide rubbish to any person, guarantee that they are certified to carry it. Question their carrier’s permission. You can verify it online at Gov UK –

Environment – Public Register or on 08708 506506.

Ask for a declaration informing where the rubbish is going, automobile details, carrier’s permission number – this is a lawful responsibility in case you are in business, however is good to know if you are a private householder.

In case you are a business individual and need to understand more about protecting your land, make use of NetRegs – environmental counselling for your business.

Can the rubbish be taken by the Council major waste collection for big items?

For further information, take a look at Bulky Waste Collections.

Observing Fly-Tipping

In case you view fly-tipping or fly-tipped waste, any detail that you can give will immensely help us in our fight against this criminal practice.

To help inspections, it would be useful if you could record as much information as you can and report it as soon as possible. Every detail is very important to us and will be treated in secret.

Please record every information urgently and keep secure.
In case you can take pictures, such as camera phones, please do so.

Keep in mind that you should not approach anyone and do not put your life in any kind of risk.

Date and time that you observed the fly-tippers in action or found the waste.

Area of the occurrence – address or local landmarks

A detail of the waste, for example builders rubble.

How many individuals did you see?

Did you identify any of the people?

Can you describe them? For example, sex, hair colour, height, distinguishing characteristics

What did you really see these individuals do?

Was there an automobile involved – make/model/colour/registration number?

Were there any different characteristics or symbol on the automobile?

Where were you when you observed the fly-tipping? What type of vision did you have? Were you distant from them? What was the weather like?

In case you witness fly-tipping happening somewhere, get in contact with the Police on 999 and provide as much information as you can.

In case you find a fly-tipped rubbish after the occurrence, contact (01279) 655261, ask for Operations or make use of our online Fly-tipping Report Form.

The Gov UK – Environment Agency has the legal obligation to examine the big scale fly-tipping occurrences where the rubbish may pose a serious danger to the environment and where the practice is related to organised offence.

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